Midlake - Denton Sessions

Originally given away free with the Guardian newspaper in the UK. This is a set of 5 tracks recorded live in their native Texas, four of which are taken from their third album The Courage of Others. The original version of the final track is from their second album The Trials of Van Occupanther.

1. Winter Dies
2. Acts of Man
3. Small Mountain
4. Rulers, Ruling All Things
5. Van Occupanther


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Jawbone - Peel Session 14-04-04

Jawbone is a one-man blues/garage/punk band based in Detroit, Michigan. This is his full Peel Session from 2004.

1. Ready Or Not
2. Jump Jump
3. 4-11-44
4. Hi-De-Hi
5. If It's Rock
6. And Wine
7. What's Goin' On?
8. I'm A Man (Bo Diddley cover)
9. Walter John
10. Jackrabbit
11. Mah Wah
12. Window Hatchet Blues
13. John Peel Talking
14. Jackrabbit (encore)


Björk - Maida Vale Session 2004

Björk performing tracks from her fifth album proper, Medúlla. This was broadcast on Gilles Peterson's BBC Radio 1 show in 2004.

1. Pleasure Is All Mine
2. Show Me Forgiveness
3. Sonnets/Unrealities XI
4. Who Is It?


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Arch Garrison - Live on Resonance FM 13-04-10

Craig Fortnam of North Sea Radio Orchestra performs songs from his solo project, Arch Garrison on Resonance FM.

1. King Of The Down
2. Stone On The Pound
3. Peek-A-Boo


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Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes EP

Super-rare early EP by Fleet Foxes from 2006, sold by the band at local shows in Seattle. Discogs

1. She Got Dressed
2. In The Hot, Hot Rays
3. Anyone Who's Anyone
4. Textbook Love
5. So Long To The Headstrong
6. Icicle Tusk


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The God Machine - Live from Hultsfredfestival 08-14-93

The God Machine were an alternative rock band originally from San Diego but relocating to London in the early 90's. They released two critically acclaimed albums before bassist, Jimmmy Fernandez, sadly died. Singer/guitarist Robin Proper-Sheppard went on to form the band Sophia. This is a powerful set performed live at Hultsfredfestival in 1993.

1. Radio Interview pt.1
2. What Time Is Love? (KLF cover)
3. Fucking Hypocrite
4. She Said
5. Ego
6. Alone
7. Mama
8. I've Seen The Man
9. Radio Interview pt.2
10. It's All Over
11. I Don't Give A Fuck About How You Feel


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Nouvelle Vague - Live on KCRW 14-04-05

Nouvelle Vague perform bossa nova/acoustic covers of '80s post-punk and new wave. This is a session for Los Angeles public radio station KCRW in 2005.

1. A Forest
2. Just Can't Get Enough
3. Bizarre Love Triangle
4. This Is Not A Love Song
5. Making Plans For Nigel
6. Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)
7. Guns of Brixton
8. Love Will Tear Us Apart
9. In A Manner of Speaking
10. Mongoloid


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Avi Buffalo - Radio Sessions

West coast psychedelic pop band recently signed to Sup Pop. This is a collection of radio sessions from various sources.

Aquarium Drunkard Session
1. Coaxed
2. Jessica
3. Five Little Sluts
Music Shop Studio Session
1. I'm Getting Too Old For This
2. Coaxed
3. I'm So Exclusive
LaundroMatinee.com Live Session
1. Truth Sets In
2. Summer Cum
Daytrotter Session 11-12-2009
1. Remember Last Time
2. What's In It For?
3. Coaxed
4. Jessica
Radio K Session 13-04-10
1. What's In It For?
2. Five Little Sluts
3. Can't I Know
4. Summer Cum
Absolute Radio Session 12-05-10
1. Truth Sets In
2. Summer Cum
6Music Session 24-06-10
1. What's In It For?
2. Truth Sets In
3. Remember Last Time
'A Take Away Show' 09-06-10
1. What's In It For?
Radio K Session 29-06-10
1. What's In It For?
2. Can't I Know
3. Truth Sets In
4. Coaxed

Download Pt.1
Download Pt.2

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White Denim - Radio Sessions

A collection of radio sessions performed by White Denim for various radio stations.

Daytrotter Session 25-04-08
1. Migration Wind
2. Don't Look That Way At It
3. Paint Silver And Gold
4. Heart Attack
6Music Hub Session 09-07-09
1. All You Really Have To Do
2. I Start To Run
Minnesota Public Radio 05-11-09
1. I Start To Run
2. Syncn
3. Interview
4. Mirrored and Reverse
Marc Riley Session 25-06-09
2. Medley 1
3. Medley 2
(Behind) Closed Doors, Paradisolift 14-11-08


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North Sea Radio Orchestra - Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone session 18-10-09

Three track session from NSRO featuring a tribute to Vernon Elliot. Performed for BBC 6Music on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone 18-10-09.

1. Ivor The Engine Theme and Variations
2. Uncle Feedle (from the children's TV series 'Bagpuss')
3. Phantom


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Poisoned Electrick Head - Unmistakeably Rainbow Trout (1992)

Starting off my blog of rare recordings and radio sessions with this cassette-only release from Poisoned Electrick Head, a psychedelic/post-punk band from St.Helens, UK. Wiki

1. Diana's Gyroscope
2. Astral Tjunc
3. Thought You Was
4. Dorothy
5. Out of Order
6. Trickeroo
7. Cap of Flies
8. Head Song

***Download link removed as the band are due to re-release this album.***