Avi Buffalo - Radio Sessions

West coast psychedelic pop band recently signed to Sup Pop. This is a collection of radio sessions from various sources.

Aquarium Drunkard Session
1. Coaxed
2. Jessica
3. Five Little Sluts
Music Shop Studio Session
1. I'm Getting Too Old For This
2. Coaxed
3. I'm So Exclusive
LaundroMatinee.com Live Session
1. Truth Sets In
2. Summer Cum
Daytrotter Session 11-12-2009
1. Remember Last Time
2. What's In It For?
3. Coaxed
4. Jessica
Radio K Session 13-04-10
1. What's In It For?
2. Five Little Sluts
3. Can't I Know
4. Summer Cum
Absolute Radio Session 12-05-10
1. Truth Sets In
2. Summer Cum
6Music Session 24-06-10
1. What's In It For?
2. Truth Sets In
3. Remember Last Time
'A Take Away Show' 09-06-10
1. What's In It For?
Radio K Session 29-06-10
1. What's In It For?
2. Can't I Know
3. Truth Sets In
4. Coaxed

Download Pt.1
Download Pt.2

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