Poisoned Electrick Head - Unmistakeably Rainbow Trout (1992)

Starting off my blog of rare recordings and radio sessions with this cassette-only release from Poisoned Electrick Head, a psychedelic/post-punk band from St.Helens, UK. Wiki

1. Diana's Gyroscope
2. Astral Tjunc
3. Thought You Was
4. Dorothy
5. Out of Order
6. Trickeroo
7. Cap of Flies
8. Head Song

***Download link removed as the band are due to re-release this album.***


  1. Oh you clever person I have been Hunting out for this for years , as i only have a crap tapped copy which must be nearly 20 years old by now. Pleased about this .

  2. hahaha thank you at last, best live band ever, unlike the vinyl albums you can hear the bass on this one. Any one got "drink me" tape?

  3. drink me request x2 please!!

  4. any one got any radio mongolia?

  5. Hello there!

    Billy From PEH ere! All PEH back catalogue will soon be available from Amazon and maybe itunes to, it is all being re-released due to demand because there is a brand spanking new PEH album about to be released. So, appologies, but would you please take down these mp3's? as we have been ripped off enough by various record labels, We be doing it indie this time.
    Cheers! PEH

  6. Hi Billy. No worries, I've removed the download link. I tried to email you but that address didn't work. Does this mean Rainbow Trout will get a CD release? I sure hope so.
    Good luck with the new album.

  7. Billy ere again from PEH i fucked up and gave ya the wrong address the real one is jedder.peh@gmail.com