Cardiacs - Radio Sessions

Various Cardiacs radio sessions spanning from 1987 to 2008.

Janice Long Night Tracks Session 29-11-87
1. RES
2. Buds And Spawn
3. In A City Lining
4. Cameras/Is This The Life?
GLR acoustic session 26-05-95
1. Arnald
2. A Horse's Tail
Mark Radcliffe Session 24-04-95
1. Ideal
2. Is This The Life?
3. A Horse's Tail
4. Joining The Plankton
Mark Radcliffe Session 11-06-96
1. Dog-Like Sparky
2. Fiery Gun Hand
3. Buds And Spawn
4. Nurses Whispering Verses
Radio2xs Barn Session 11-12-04
1. The Breakfast Line
2. Big Ship
3. The Duck And Roger The Horse
4. Fast Robert
Marc Riley Session 15-10-05
1. Hope Day
2. As Cold As Can Be In An English Sea
3. Will Bleed Amen
4. Stoneage Dinosaurs
Marc Riley Session 28-06-07
1. Fast Robert
2. The Duck And Roger The Horse
3. The Everso Closely Guarded Line
Marc Riley Session 23-06-08
1. Silvery
2. Gibber and Twitch
3. Gen

Part One/Part Two

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  1. oh my dear god thank you!

  2. When will there be some LSD?..........

  3. wow im so loving this lot shame about the 3 glitches on the tracks

    GLR acoustic sessions
    A horses tail at 6, 44, 48 seconds a weird glitch noise almost sounding as if the Tune is running back on its self for a Millisecond.

    2nd mark radcliffe session
    Nurses whispering Verses 20 seconds and 22 seconds the sound drops out to dead air

    6Music Marc Riley 28 - 6 - 07
    the duck and roger the horse
    seems to jump at 41 seconds as a Big chunk of the song is Missing
    so not sure who edited it out

    but all is great apart from those 3 parts

  4. Just when you think youve got it all, you find a gold mine as goodas this.

  5. Ace! Thanks a lot!

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  7. many thanks for this. i bought 'night tracks' on vinyl way way back, but it jumped. i returned it and couldn't get another! :-(

  8. Been looking for the Evening Session (Janice Long) tracks for such a long time.
    Many thanks

  9. Thank you so much , more stuff of greatness thet I had long since lost worn out or simply had not heard .
    Love peace and continued good vibes towards Mr Smith and family.
    Mr Unhinged

  10. Hello
    praying this is still active. would love to get my hands on the Cardiacs radio sessions, but i click on the links and they say downloads not available. Any help?
    Many thanks

  11. Hi, I'll re-upload them now. If you check back in about an hour the links should be working.

  12. Thanx for the Cardiacs boots, fabulous. Much appreciated! Saw them live a few times years ago, a much underrated band...
    Best Regards,
    From the Tunng fan ;)

  13. Part two of Cardiacs radio sessions is no longer available; can anyone re-upload it, please?

  14. Thank you very, very much !!!

  15. Any chance of a re-upload of these and the Sea Nymphs sessions pretty please? A PC crash has deprived me of these wonderful sessions...I'm gradually piecing together my Cardiacs collection again :(

  16. No problem. All the links should be working now.

  17. Thanks so much - you are a wonder :)

  18. can you re up this one. cheerss

  19. Any chance you could reupload these? Thankyousoverymuchindeed innit

  20. any updated links perhaps?? You're the best! <3 cardiacs.

    1. Apologies for the very late reply. I'm just re-uploading this now. I've included the Radio Leeds session, found in a different post on this blog, with the rest of them.

  21. Fantastic! Thank you so much!