Clearlake - Radio Sessions

Brighton's Clearlake perform three sessions for John Peel on BBC Radio 1, Seattle's KEXP radio and Milton Keynes' CRMK radio. Also a solo session from Jason Pegg for BBC Radio Sussex.

Peel Session 19-11-00
1. Don't Let The Cold In
2. Hang On To Your Ego (The Beach Boys cover)
3. Life Can Be So Cruel
KEXP Acoustic Session 22-10-03
1. Almost The Same
2. Can't Feel A Thing
3. I'd Like To Hurt You
4. Keep Smiling
5. Trees In The City
CRMK 'Garden of Earthly Delights' Session 31-03-06
1. Dreamt That You Died
2. It's Getting Light Outside
3. Trees In The City
4. Radio Radio (Elvis Costello cover)
Jason Pegg BBC Radio Sussex Session 22-11-09
1. Know Thyself
2. So Far So Good


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